Bryce Brothers

Bryce Brothers operated under many names and organizations over time, Including Bryce, McKee & Company, Bryce, Richards & Company, Bryce, Walker & Company, Bryce Brothers, and Bryce Higbee & Company. Like many glass manufacturers, Bryce Brothers was a family affair. In all, there were 9 members of the Bryce family involved in the glass industry at one time. James Bryce started in the glass industry as an apprentice when he was 10 years old with Bakewell, Page, & Bakewell in Pittsburgh. He and his brother Robert D. Bryce formed the first company with Fred M. McKee in 1850 in Birmingham, PA near Pittsburgh. They manufactures lamps and flint glass tableware. In 1855 the company became Bryce, Richards & Company making pressed and cut tableware. In 1865, the name was changed again to Bryce, Walker & Company and this organization lasted until 1882 when William Walker disassociated himself. Edwin W. Bryce, son of James, entered the business at this time and the company continued as Bryce Brothers until it was absorbed into the United States Glass Company in 1891 where it was known as "Factory B". Shortly thereafter, Bryce Brothers resumed operations at a plant in Hammondsville, PA. In 1896 they opened a new plant in Mt. Pleasant, PA which continued to operate until the factory was sold to Lenox Crystal in 1948. In 1879, John Bryce joined with former Bryce salesman John B. Higbee to form Bryce, Higbee & Co. which lasted until the factory was destroyed by flood in 1907. Higbee continued on as John B. Higbee Glass Company in Bridgeville, PA until 1918.

Bryce Patterns

Many of the most popular patterns collected today were products of the Bryce Brothers' various plants. The following is a list of their known patterns, original manufacturer's name in parenthesis, and the approximate date of first issue. Those patterns reissued by U.S. Glass are indicated by an asterisk *. Most of the production was in clear glass, but some patterns were made in the popular colors of the era: peacock blue, amber, vaseline or canary, and more rarely amethyst, opal, and apple green. Later U.S. Glass production was sometimes with red flashing. Some of the patterns were not produced in the many forms found in some patterns. Some were just made as goblets or as novelty covered butters. A few of the patterns have been reproduced, but not all colors or all forms. Rose in Snow and Daisy and Button are probably the most commonly found reproductions.

Albany, c1885 * covered butter only

Albion, c1885 *

<Almond Thumbprint (Pointed Thumbprint, Almond), c1890

Amazon (Sawtooth Band), c1890 *

Argent (Rope Bands), c1885 *

Atlas (Crystal Ball), c1889*

Avon, c1885 covered butter only * {colors}

Banner, c1885 *

Basket, c1885 covered butter only

Beaded Oval & Scroll (Dot), 1875

Bellflower (Ribbed Leaf), 1865 many others

Berkley (Blocked Arches), c1885 *

Buckle and Star (Orient), c1875 *

Cameo, c1885 *

Cathedral (Orion, Waffle & Fine Cut), c1885 * {colors}

Chain with Star (No.79), c1890*

Charm, c1895 * covered butter only

Curled Leaf (Vine Band, Floral Vine), 1869

Curtain (Sultan), c1888

Daisy & Button (Fashion), c1885 * {colors, reproduced}

Diamond Sunburst (#77), c1874*

Filley (Bulls Eye Variant), c1875 *

Fine Cut (#720, Flower in Square), c1885 * {colors}

Finecut & Panel (#260, Russian), c1886 * {colors}

Fishscale (Coral), c1888 *

Flute, c1868

Frosted Circle (Horn of Plenty), c1876 *

Grape Band, c1869

Hand & Bar, c1880 *

Horn of Plenty (Comet), c1860

Jacob's Ladder (Imperial, Maltese), c1876 * {rare in colors}

Jasper (Late Buckle), c 1880 *

Leaf, c1885 * covered butter only

Leverne (Star In Honeycomb), c1880 {wines occasionally in blue or amber}

Little Balls (#88), c1880 *

Looped Panel (#114),

Lorne, c1885 * covered butter only

Maiden's Blush (Virginia), c1900

Mikado Fan (#128), c1889 *

Mitered Bars (Zig Zig, #126) , c1885 *

Nailhead (Gem), c1885

Paneled Daisy (Brazil, Daisy & Panel), c1888 * {occasionally in colors}

Paneled Forget-Me-Not (Regal), c1875 {rarely found in amethyst}

Pittsburgh (Prism & Globules), c1890 *

Pleat & Panel (Derby), 1882 * {some color}

Pleating (Flat Panel), c1885 *

Red Block (#175, Clear Block), * many others {flashed in red or amber, some repros}

Ribbed Forget-Me-Not (Pert), c1880 *

Ribbed Palm (Sprig), c1865

Ribbon Candy (Bryce, Double Loop), c1885 *

Roman Rosette, c1875 * not lacy {red flashed}

Rose in Snow (#125), c1875 * {colors, also reproduced}

Rosette (Magic), c1890 *

Sawtooth (Diamond), c1875 many others

Shamrock, c1885 covered butter only

Standard, c1885 *

Stippled Forget-Me-Not (Dot), c1880

Strawberry (Fairfax Strawberry) c1870 {rarely in opal}

Teasel (#81), c1880 *

Thistle (Scotch Thistle), c1872

Troy, c1885 *

Tulip with Sawtooth, c1864

Waverly (#140), c1885 *

Wheat & Barley (Duquesne), c1882 * {occasionally in color}

Willow Oak (Wreath, Oats & Barley, Hops & Barley), c1882 * {color}

Wooden Pail (Bucket Set), c1885 * {color}

Bryce Higbee Patterns

Alaric (Butterfly Ears), c1885

Arched Fleur-de-Lis, c1897

Block and Pleat (Persian, Three Stories), c1885

Butterfly with Spray (Acme), c1885

Cordate Leaf (Homestead), c1885

Cut Log (Ethol, Cats Eye & Block), c1880*

Drum Set, c1880

Era (New Era), c1880

Fan Band (Yale, Scalloped Flower Band), c1885 *

Grand (Finecut & Diamond, Diamond Medallions), c1885

Menagerie Set, c1885 {colors}

Opposing Pyramids (Flora, Truncated Prisms) c1880

Paneled Thistle, c1910 {reproduced}

Sheraton (Ida), c1885 {some color}

Spirea Band (Earl), c1885 {colors}

Sprig (Royal), c1880

World or Terrestrial, c1885